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Reorganization of Education at Different Stages

New education policy has mode valuable provisions for organisation of education at different stages. i) Early childhood care and education: This will be given high priority and be suitably integrated with the integrated child development services programme where ever possible. There will be – Child oriented programme. – Integration of child care and pre-primary education. Read more about Reorganization of Education at Different Stages[…]



Relationship between Philosophy and Education: – After discussing the meaning and concept of both education and philosophy. It is not very difficult to describe the relationship between the two apparently. There seems to be little connection between them. One is science while the other is an art. One is speculative while the other is practical. Read more about RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION[…]


Reference of the ancient goals in Modern terms

I) Infusion of pity & Religiousness: – Education can be of any kind may be more emphasis to be given on vocational aspect but education should aimed at development of a person in a sensible efficient social being. Child must be made informed that he is also a part of Society, Nation. So indirectly he Read more about Reference of the ancient goals in Modern terms[…]

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Personality of the Teacher: – It is a well known fact that children learn by, imitation. The way a teacher presents physically & intellectually, his manners, his handwriting, his aesthetic sense- all these aspects have a long lasting effect on the personalities of the pupils. An example stated below by Teacher Training Trainers – a Read more about PSYCHOLOGICAL PRINCLPLES[…]



PRINCIPLES OF PROFESSIONAL ETHICS: – The teacher is the pivot of the man making & national building proceeds. The teacher is the agent of social change & a catalyst. Teacher has to take these major responsibilities with excellence, professional ethics & a code of conduct is essential. The impression that a teacher makes on his Read more about PROFESSIONAL ETHICS[…]


Problem solving and their Steps

One encounters problems every day. Problems could be something personal. They could be environmental ‘How do we deal with global warming?” Problems could relate to a machine e.g. ‘how can I get my printer working?’ Solving a crossword or a jigsaw puzzle is also problem solving. We need to solve problems each day and hence Read more about Problem solving and their Steps[…]


Philosophy of Life

John Dewey’s philosophical ideology & doctrines of education were largely depended on his upbringing. He belonged to an ordinary family & brought up in a rural environment. He had observed the change in the social structure due to the industrial revolution. Development at mechanization & change in political ideals, democratic concept had influenced a lot Read more about Philosophy of Life[…]



Relationship between Philosophy & Education. The Impact of Idealism, Naturalism & Pragmation & Realism on Education with reference of Aims, Curriculum & Methodology, Text books, Discipline & role of the teachers. There is a close relation between philosophy & education. Philosophy points out the way & education follows it. Education thus becomes the best means Read more about PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION[…]



Introduction Teaching may be characterised as an activity aimed at the achievement of learning & practised in such a manner as to respect the student’s intellectual integrity & capacity for independent judgement. Such a characterisation according to Preschool Teacher Training is important for two reasons: i) To luring out the intentional nature of teaching. ii) Read more about PHILOSOPHICALS MODELS OF TEACHING[…]



Noted scientist Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar spoke on a five point formula ‘Panchsheel’ which he said would be helpful while chalking out a roadmap for vision in the year 2035. While he was addressing a gathering he stated that panchsheel in education will definitely bring valuable, qualitative change in the field of education as well as Read more about PANCHSHEEL[…]