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Kinds of Education

Definitions According to Nursery Primary Teacher Training “Education should be considered as the process of development into an enjoyable, rational, harmonious balanced useful & hence rational life. Positive Education: – Rousseau did not favour positive education He proclaimed that ‘+ve’ education one that tends to from the mind prematurely & to instruct the child in Read more about Kinds of Education[…]


Janardhan Reddy Committee Suggestion

1) National System of Education: – The 10+2+3 educational system has been accepted as National System of Education. i)  5 years primary education ii) 3 years upper primary iii) And 2 years of High school. Efforts will be made to have +2 stages accepted as a part of school education throughout the country. 2) Primary Read more about Janardhan Reddy Committee Suggestion[…]


Indian Constitution & the Status of Education

Indian constitution & the status of education with reference to the following: Universalization of Education – Article: Directive principles – 41, 45, 46. i) Article 41: – Right to work, to educate, to public assistance in certain areas. The state shall, within the limits of its economic capacity & development, make effective provisions for securing Read more about Indian Constitution & the Status of Education[…]


Human Rights

Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever our nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, Colour, religion, language, or any other status. Human rights being eternal part of the nature of human beings are essential for individuals to develop their personality, their human qualities. According to Pre Primary Teacher Training Read more about Human Rights[…]

Coloring in school

Group Process & Importance

Team formation takes time, and teams often go through certain stages as they change from being collections of strangers to becoming united groups with common goals. Teacher Training programmes describes these stages in 1965 where they have mentioned four stages (forming, storming, norming and performing). Later the fifth stage of adjourning was added by the Read more about Group Process & Importance[…]



Functions in Social I National life of Education stated below by the educators of Montessori Teacher Training Course:- a)     Preparation for life in society:- Each person has to be trained how to adjust to the rights and needs of others. The fabric of society is formed and strengthened by the cooperation and contribution of its Read more about FUNCTIONS IN SOCIAL OR NATIONAL LIFE[…]

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Whatever are the views and definitions of different thinkers, all agree that education is of vital importance in life. This importance- can best be appreciated by looking at the manifold functions performed by education. Broadly these functions deal with the building up of the individual and contributing to the welfare of the nation. Functions in Read more about FUNCTION OF EDUCATION[…]


Factors affecting problem solving

According to Teacher Training Course before you are ready to take any steps to solve the problem, you first have to be sure that you are clear about what the problem really is. Here one must try to see what exactly the problem is and how is the current situation different from what it should Read more about Factors affecting problem solving[…]


Factors affecting attention

There are two types of factors that affect attention via objective factors and subjective factors. The objective factors are present in the object of attention whereas subjective factors are connected with the person (subject) who is attending. Objective factors of attention are explained below by Teacher Training Mumbai:  Size of the object: Larger objects attract Read more about Factors affecting attention[…]