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Noted scientist Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar spoke on a five point formula ‘Panchsheel’ which he said would be helpful while chalking out a roadmap for vision in the year 2035. While he was addressing a gathering he stated that panchsheel in education will definitely bring valuable, qualitative change in the field of education as well as Read more about PANCHSHEEL[…]

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Motivation is typically defined as the forces that account for the arousal, selection, direction, and continuation of behaviour. The word ‘motivation’ comes from the word motivate which means to move. Just as some efforts are need to move ourselves or to start a vehicle, similarly some sort of action is needed to animate a learner Read more about Motivations[…]

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Methods of Teaching

Methods of teaching John Dewey never emphasised on traditional methods rather he had advocated following methods which can make students active in the learning process: 1) Project method 2) Problem solving method. 3) Participation in collected activities 4) Play way & creative self expression. 5) Principle of child’s interests. 1) Project Method: – Educators of Read more about Methods of Teaching[…]


Meta-cognition – Meaning & Strategies

Meaning of Met cognition: “Meta cognition” is simply defined as “thinking about thinking.” The term was first used by Flavell. Meta cognition plays a critical role in successful learning and hence it is important to study Meta cognitive activity and development to determine how students can be taught to better apply their cognitive resources. According Read more about Meta-cognition – Meaning & Strategies[…]



The essentiality of enriching individuals with education for the progress of human kind has been well recognized. More recently, communities have been convinced that education is powerful and valuable enough to spare and reserve considerable effort and resources to provide the same to all of its younger generation. According to Early Childhood Care and Education, Read more about MEANING OF EDUCATION[…]


Meaning and Types Forgetting Theories

Students forget answers or assignments. We forget important events. We forget the names of people we have met. Forgetting is a natural phenomenon. It is the apparent loss of information already encoded and stored in an individual’s long term memory. Types of forgetting: Forgetting is of basically two types, natural forgetting and artificial forgetting. Natural Read more about Meaning and Types Forgetting Theories[…]


Maturation and Learning

Maturation is an important factor which influences learning. For maturation an external stimulus is not necessary as its sequence is biologically predetermined. On the other hand, learning is a change within the individual. It is a process which takes place as a result of ‘stimuli’ from outside. Maturation facilitates the process of learning. Learning becomes Read more about Maturation and Learning[…]


Maslow’s Theory of Self Actualization

Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist. He proposed a hierarchy of needs to explain what motivates human behaviour. Maslow noticed that some needs take precedence over others. For example, if you are hungry and thirsty, you will tend to try to take care of the thirst first. Thirst is a “stronger” need than hunger. 1. Read more about Maslow’s Theory of Self Actualization[…]


Life Skill Education

Concept of Life skills Human development is the pursuit of developing, honing and mastering the skills that helps the individual to become that he can, with all that he has. It is the reaching for, and realizing of, our full potential as human beings skill. A skilled is a learned ability to do something well. Read more about Life Skill Education[…]


Kinds of Education

Definitions According to Nursery Primary Teacher Training “Education should be considered as the process of development into an enjoyable, rational, harmonious balanced useful & hence rational life. Positive Education: – Rousseau did not favour positive education He proclaimed that ‘+ve’ education one that tends to from the mind prematurely & to instruct the child in Read more about Kinds of Education[…]