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Parenting Workshops

to make a positive difference!!

We often hear parents complain

  • God! My child never listens to me.
  • I always have to be behind my child to make him do things on time.
  • I think I still don't understand my child.
  • He is a complete brat. How do I discipline him?

As a parent you too must be regularly facing situations and difficulties in handling and bringing up your kids. You must be having your share of complaints and problems.

Sometimes you may wonder, am I the only parent who is facing difficulties in raising my child? You may think that other parents hardly have any issues or conflicts with their children and are able to make them do things so effortlessly. But this is not true. You are not the only one. Problems or conflicts with children are faced by parents across the world irrespective of country or community, age or gender of the child, experience or inexperience of the parent etc.

Bringing up children is a very happy and enjoyable experience. However, it can be frustrating at times. Love and care for your child alone doesn't suffice, especially in times when your child is angry, upset, uncooperative, scared etc.

What you as a parent need is someone who can give you a 'formula' which you can apply to get out of such problems lovingly while making your children do what you want them to.

  • But does such a 'formula' exist?
  • If yes, who will give it to you?

The answer to the above questions is VES's 'How to make your Children Listen to you?'workshop. We will train you in parenting skills which may work like a 'formula' in solving the parenting problems that you are facing.

The skills we teach are practical and easily implementable. These skills will help you to improve your relations with your child, making it more enjoyable and rewarding.

The 'How to make your Children Listen to you?'workshop at VES is a programme comprising 2 sessions of 4 hours each. It has been developed and will be conducted by a team of experienced psychologists, educationalists, trainers and counselors. These positive parenting workshops offer experiential learning, where the participants will get ample chance to practice each skill by way of role-playing, solving of practice worksheets and questionnaires, discussions, question-answer segments etc.

Parent Workshops

After you attend these workshops for parents, you will notice a remarkable improvement in the way you

  • understand and cope with your child's negative feelings.
  • express anger without causing hurt.
  • get your child to cooperate willingly.
  • are able to easily resolve conflicts.
  • help your child develop self -confidence and an optimistic personality.
  • create a loving & respectful family atmosphere.

Do you want to find effective solutions to your problems? Do you want to put an end to all the nagging, punishing, screaming, upsetting, bickering and complaining? If yes, then join our Parenting Workshop - 'How to make your children listen to you?' at the earliest.

Parent Workshop Reviews

Snapshots of things that parents have told us after attending our parent workshop:

Diya Purohit

"The methodology used to conduct this positive parenting workshop is very good and helpful. In each session we were asked to solve questionnaires. Then there was role playing of the skills taught. This helped a lot in understanding the skills, the way to apply them and even to realize which ones would be just right for us. Thank you for all of it."

Yoga expert - Mother of a 8-year-old
Praveen Joshi

"I liked all the sessions very much. Thanks for teaching me how to praise to children. In fact, my son takes my praise more seriously these days and works better."

Corporate employee - Father of a seven-year-old
Diksha Pandey

"I want to make a special mention about the methodology of conducting this workshop and the facilitator.The methodology was very helpful and the facilitator was superb. Thank you."

Homemaker - Mother of two children, aged 5 and 7 years
Aarti Nandan

"Highly recommended for parents as well as educators! I plan to ask the teachers at my school to also undergo these parenting skills workshops."

Owner of a franchisee pre-school - Mother of a three-year-old
Ruksana Ali

"All the sessions and all the skills taught are immensely useful. In fact after attending these parenting skills workshops, I have been consciously putting each skill to use with my children, and it is working. The usual nagging, cribbing and annoying has reduced a lot. The part of the parenting skills workshop which tells us about accepting feelings of children is absolutely remarkable. Prior to attending this workshop I frankly never paid attention to how my children felt."

Homemaker - Mother of two children, aged 6 and 8 years