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Special Education Courses

About us

Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES) is a Govt. Regd. Teacher Training Institute. We help you to make a genuine difference in the lives of children with special needs by offering you various Special Education Courses. These Courses include the Diploma in special Education needs (SEN) / Learning Disability (LD) / shadow teaching course.

Career opportunities for you

A Diploma in any of the special Education Courses i.e SEN/ LD/ Shadow teaching will boost your career in ways as a /an

  • Teacher – You can venture into the school as Remedial teacher/ Shadow Teacher / Special Needs Tutor / Counselor by instilling knowledge and lending expertise.
  • In-service teacher – Equip yourself with skills to alter the classroom environment in order to help students with Special Needs.
  • NGO Member – Start working with non–profitable organizations who cater to children with special needs.
  • Special Education Caregiver – You will be equipped with knowledge enabling you to recognize students with special needs/ learning difficulties and address to their problems holistically.
  • Budding Entrepreneur – After completion of any of the Special Education Courses you will attain the required knowledge, skills and expertise to run a set-up for children with special needs/ learning disabilities.
  • Coordinator, Supervisor, Centre-Head, Admission Officer – You will be able to assist non-academic, educational, administrative roles with better proficiency.
  • Parent – Be aware and endow yourself with expertise to handle academic problems of children with special needs / learning disability.

Special Education Courses in India

About Courses Offered:

Diploma in

  • Special Education Course (SEN)
  • Learning Disability Course (LD)
  • Shadow Teachers’ Training Course
  • Educational Management
  • School Administration And Management

Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma Programmes in

Specialised Courses

  • Phonics Teachers’ Training
  • Grammar Teachers’ Training
  • Parenting workshop